Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Memories

For some years now I have been frequenting antique shops rather regularly and inevitably I turn to their bins and tables covered with old photos and papers.  When I first discovered the treasures there I was amazed at the beauty of the pictures, then I was saddened that they were there.  Did the families involved really want to get rid of these pieces?  Was there no one who cared what happened to these photos?

Needless to say, I purchased one whenever it really appealed.  It seems though, that the prices have gone up on these treasures in the past few longer do they accept a song for a photo.

As you look at this photo what is the story you see this a class photo? is this a father with a large brood of children?  Or does the real story lie with the girl on the upper right with dark bobbed hair and her hand on the chair in front of her? Hmmm....

Not being sure whether I picked this up in Canada, USA or Mexico (yes, Mexico has lovely antique shops and they leave their photos behind there too) I can choose the location without a thought and go from there with my story.

Now if you recognize anyone in this photo and can name them and all of a sudden desire possession, let me know.  Ancestors should be treasured by their own people.

Wishing you all a wonderful new week with high production and low distractions.

Be well.

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