Friday, November 5, 2010

My Friday Night Thankfulness Book

This past weekend I enjoyed my birthday again and yet again.  Something our family does so well is celebrate birthdays!  Our kids both gave me great parties.  And one of the treasures I came home with was this book (Listography - Your Life in Lists) where I can write the statistics of my life. 

It begins with the 'pets I have had over the years' and the book ends with places for me to write down 'my firsts' and 'my lasts'...first kiss, etc., and last thing I lost (that was just the other day) you can see this will be a fun, fun book to fill.

And what a great opportunity to see the thankfulness in all these lists.  No matter what has come behind I know there are reasons to be thankful for it all.

To tell you the truth I just now read the book completely through and there are some lists there that may be a little revealing and some a little intimidating and some I have been wanting to do for a long time.  So here goes...

List the Pets You've Had and Their Names

The first pet I remember was a collie mix by the name of Laddie
when I was a child on the farm in Peoria.  He was the family dog.

The next one was a pony by the name of Junior (now there is an original name!) who just went away (who knows where) after we three girls took him out one evening on our own.  Sheila May was leading him, I was riding and Bobbie was carefully watching.  Junior had other ideas and bucked me off, knocked Sheila May down and ran off.  That was the end of ponies in my life.

(this photo of cousin Brian and I must have been taken before the fateful evening)

There were a variety of pets in Redlands and Peachland
taken care of by the children
and assorted cats over the years that Sherilee 'owned'.

There were Sarah and Tess, two Airedales, on the farm in Westbank.

But I have to say the first pet I have thoroughly enjoyed in my life,
 that I could call my dearest little friend had to be Scruffie.
When I first saw this little dog on my first day at the orphanage
in Mexico, I said, who does that scruffie dog belong to? 
Sherwin says that Scruffie loved me so much because I asked nothing of him.  I loved him with all his matted hair, parasites and bugs under his skin.  I loved him back to health after his fights with the big dogs and I loved him through his mishaps after chasing cars.  I loved the fact that he would sleep under the block machine when I stood hour after hour making blocks. 
Scruffie gave as good as he got.  He was a dear little fellow.

Tell me, who and what was your favorite pet of all time?  And why was that one so precious? 

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  1. You take the most beautiful pictures and every time I read your blog I have to remind myself to be more thankful.ThankYou