Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Week of Mostly Good

Day is done, gone the sun...

The week does not usually get counted like this for me (Sunday is the first day of the week, I know)  but we are going to start with Saturday last because I have been in a whirl all week, distracted with all that has happened here.  But I know that each day this past week I have felt blessed and full, full, full of gratitude for something...

Every day has been gloriously sunny at some point in the day.  The morning may start off misty and grey but before long all that has burned off and we are feeling the warmth of Mr. Big Yellow.

But now for this past week...

Sabbath, August 6  Our son-in-law, Alan, celebrated his birthday with his nearest and dearest while the rest of us chirped in from a distance with our songs of celebration.   We are happy to call him 'son' and appreciate the stability and wisdom he brings to our 'table'.  May your new year, Alan, be all that you wish for and desire.

Sunday, August 7  I took the day off of painting, scraping, sanding on decks to clean up my garden and make things tidy.  Sherwin continued to dig out more dirt from the holes in our driveway/garage area where he is building the foundations. When I can only see his shoulders above the asphalt I think the hole MUST be deep enough.  Actually, this hole got deeper still but just don't have the most up-to-date photo of the depth.

He took out rock after rock from these holes making them deep enough to meet requirements of the engineer...

Some rocks had to be sliced up and chipped out because of their size...

Monday, August 8  Last night the pastor of the Victoria church and his family arrived to have a few days of R&R here at our cabin.  Preachers have a tough job so I am always happy to make up a bed for them to get some peace and quiet away from the 'work'.  Ken, Francis and daughter Heather took us to dinner Wednesday night for a delightful time.  Looking forward to more time with these folks.

Tuesday, August 9  Hallelujah, I have figs!  Well, not me, but our little fig tree which I love dearly and have watched over like a mother hen.

Wednesday, August 10  With only minimal help from me Sherwin has built the first rebar column for foundation no.3.  It was the trickiest one of all so that is where we started.  It has 16 bars of 5/8" rebar connected at each junction of 3/8" rebar bands, with wire. 

Good thing we learned to tie wire to rebar in Mexico.  Never knew that talent would come in so handy here at home.  In the middle of this next photo you see the wires are doubled because we had real difficulty getting the lower bars up to the cross pieces.  I torqued on them with a tool while Sherwin quickly tied and you see there is still a wee space of air between.  

Thursday, August 11  The engineer, for whom we had waited with baited breath, finally showed up and loved the preparations made for the footings and foundations for our new carport/studio addition.  In fact, he said they looked professionally prepared.  Sherwin was pleased and celebrated by standing up the first column.  Don't ask questions about how we do some of these things.  I do believe the angels help us at every turn...and our little green tractor.  The column weighed in at 238 pounds.

And here it is Friday, August 12...We have spent the day in Victoria running errands and giving our bodies a day of no unusual exercise.

Of course, we have tomorrow for Real Rest but today was needed too.

Sherwin and I were invited to a presentation at the site of the new under construction Oak Bay Beach Hotel where David Foster of the composer/musician/talent finder fame talked about giving to help his foundation which gives support to families of children undergoing organ transplant surgery. David spoke of how blessed he felt to be able to give and made a great case for monied folks to learn the benefits of generosity.

David is planning a concert here in Victoria at the time of the Grand Opening of the new Oak Bay Beach Hotel in May, 2012.  The Hotel is partnering with the Foster Foundation to raise awareness and funds for organ donation families across Canada.

So, as the week is drawing to a close, you can see that we are thankful for our children, for safety, for our health and I am thankful for you all.  God bless and be well.

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  1. I especially liked your photos of the rebar column... and thank you for helping to tie it all together and get it standing in the hole. It brought back a rush of memories of doing all this in Mexico on the orphanage project... but we never came close to doing any with 16 bars like this one.