Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Word to Ponder for the Week

Self-esteem:  that which happens when I do what I say I know I should do...when what I say and what I do line up with what I believe to be right.  Self-esteem is a positive force in our hearts and minds that encourages us to move forward.  It seems to be the opposite of living up to other's ill-conceived expectations of us.  In other words, live in such a way as to respect yourself.

"That kind of life is most happy which affords us most opportunity of gaining our own esteem."
                                          - Samuel Johnson

"It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him."
                                          - Abraham Lincoln


  1. I would say that the above definition of good self-esteem is the way I perceive adults who don't have a healthy sense of self approaching getting themselves some. (OK, bad sentence structure, but you get my drift.)

    When I think of that gut-level self-esteem/worthiness that some people seem to just *have* and others struggle their whole life to get, it appears to come from an innate or inherent place. (Which is not to say it doesn't get instilled early from parents, it's just around from a very early point in development.) And it seems to be very hard (but not impossible) to get a piece of it later in life...

    My two cents, anyway...

    I love that Abraham Lincoln quote!

  2. your header is gorrrrgeous!!
    love to all your moving aheading! xo