Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Does 45 Years Mean...

In the past 45 years, if I have learned anything at all, I would have to say that I have learned that Love comes in many different forms and ways.  It isn't always as I had expected.  Expectations are highly overrated.

And in the past 45 years, if I have any regrets at all, it would be that too many times I have not accepted or given Love without understanding.  Understanding, also, is highly overrated.

Job by William Baer

Job 28:28

Yes: wisdom begins with fear of the Lord, 
which comprehends the power that made the seas,
the earth, the shimmering dawn, the unexplored
unfathomed skies, the moon, and the Pleiades.
Which also know Who coming to judge our shoddy
little failing lives, knowing full well, 
we need not fear the one who kills the body,
but only He who condemns the soul to hell.
Which also knows it magnifies the Lord,
defying the demon, being the only release, 
oddly enough, from fear, being its own reward,
which is also wise, is faith, is hope, is peace,
is tender mercy, over and over again,
until at last, is love, is LOVE.  Amen.

Somehow, this poem reminds me of long married LOVE.

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