Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thankfulness . . .

Thankfulness comes on for different reasons every day and today a somewhat self-absorbed version of gratitude is playing here.

We have been working for months towards the completion of the additions to our original house.  We are finished with adding walls and services...still have some painting to do in the main part of the house but that can wait.  We are done with drywall and wood dust inside the house and for that I am so grateful.

This past week Sherwin tackled the finishing of the closet for our bedroom and I painted and then painted again our bathroom (looking for the perfect colour).  But last night before the sun set we were moved into both rooms.

We didn't realize how much detail work there was to finishing this space.  The rods and shelves and flooring with baseboards, all took a lot of time.

And of course, there was yet another trap door to fit into the floor which Sherwin did very nicely, yet again.  Now we have 3 trap doors in 3 areas of the crawl spaces under the house, in case of plumbing or electrical needs in the future.

Here the closet is complete and ready for move-in...

and, we cannot forget the little closet over in the corner that got it's renew job too.  Great new linen closet...

So, here is the final product...all outfitted and delightful.  We both love the space.

Aren't those shoe shelves gorgeous?  Now that we have moved in we realize we don't have to do any clothing/shoe shopping.  The fact that there is no need to shop is at the top of Sherwin's thankful list this week!!

While Sherwin was finishing off the closets in the bedroom I tackled the master bath...the colour looks similar to the bedroom but bluer and softer...very nice.

And here is a shot of the bathroom all settled in.

Tomorrow I will do a test run in the front entry with a colour I am contemplating for the main living area of the original house plus the studio and loft.  Wish me well!!  I take this colour thing too seriously, I am sure, but once a room is painted I do not want to have to remove all the furniture, artwork and baseboards to do it again any time soon.

I do hope you all had a great week too, thankful for all the blessings and even thankful for all the 'otherwise' that comes to us now and then.

"If we thanked God for the good things, 
there wouldn't be time to weep over the bad."
- Yiddish Proverb


  1. Great photos Shirley. No doubt there is no one else more grateful to see this closet done than you... and I am happy to be able to check one more part of our renovation project off the list.

    One of the most satisfying things was the way the crawl space access hatch worked out so perfectly spaced between the finished maple flooring boards. There is no substitute for good luck... like how would I know when doing the framing that access hatch how the flooring was going work out? It is one of those things you would have to see to believe it. Because of this good luck the access hatch is almost undetectable... and I made another invisible hatch latch... which I love to conceal.

    1. Thanks for it all. Now on to some more house reno adventure!!

  2. Such a beautiful closet, indeed! It is always so lovely to see you and Pa delight in making your abode beautiful and very YOU. Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. What wonderful colors you have chosen--your renos are just moving along great guns!!!Everything looks so warm and cozy and lovely!!!!