Saturday, September 22, 2012

September, Weeks Two and Three . . . Zoom!

The past two weeks have gone by so quickly.  Every day seems to roar by and we look at each other and wonder where it went!!

Not a day goes by, even after living here for 10 years, when I don't look out and feel gratitude for our surroundings.  Big Sigh...Big Smile!!! 

This year four sunflowers grew spontaneously in the back yard.  Next year I think I will deliberately grow a whole row of ones, orange ones, brown ones and some yellow too.

I love the rear view of the amazing.

Our attention is still on the house most all the time.  Here you can see Sherwin making progress with the application of the shingle siding and the white trim.  I went up there to help with the painting. On the photo below you can easily see his Dewalt compound mitre was a cute trick to get it up there.

Sherwin went out of his way to make the scaffolding very secure and safe for the hours and hours of work he did up there.  He knew I would whine a lot less if I felt comfortable up there and knew he was as safe as possible too.

The photo below shows the west side of the house completed...I have yet to paint the original house and garage.

We are loving the way the place is beginning to look...

And I am loving the dahlias I planted this year...the colours and textures are so beautiful and a major delight in our busyness.

While my sister Bobbi was here she and I stained boards for the soffits.  Since she left I have continued with that and Sherwin is installing the boards in the ceiling of the carport area...

In fact, as I am writing this post he is working away at this job.

My office windows look out over the ocean.  I leave you with a wish for a lovely new week and many golden autumn days ahead for all of us.  And this . . .

"Fill your mind with the thought that God is there.  
And once your mind 
is truly filled with that thought, 
when you experience difficulties 
it will be as easy as breathing 
for you to remember, 
' My heavenly Father knows all about this!' 
. . .you can rest in perfect confidence in Him."
- Author Unknown


  1. What a glorious sunset photo. At first glance it looked upside down... with the sky in the ocean. Such a beautiful capture.

    No one was happier than me to get the scaffolds all removed from the front elevation of the house. For several weeks our tractor has been unmovable, as it was the anchor for a key part of the roof scaffolding. I am very happy to get my tractor back as we use it for many little errands.

    Shirley said the east side was all done... but that right corner of bare plywood is to be done in rock facing... which will be done when all else is completed. For this year I have yet to put on the titanium vapour protection.

  2. So exciting to see this coming along. Wow. The shingle siding really gives it the finished you are almost to the finish line! I continue to admire and be inspired by you two. Oh, and the dahlias...I'm putting some in for next year for sure! xo

  3. Thanks for stopping by, is a joyful experience to see our house coming together...still lots to do in the finishing department but it is going to be grand. Can't wait until all 9 of us are tucked in here and there throughout the house.

    And the dahlias...aren't they great? They reward you every time...and I get to keep on picking bouquets.