Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week One . . . September

A Moment to Rejoice . . .

As we complete sections of the house Sherwin has been going back onto the roof to touch up the white areas to give them one more coat of protection from the winter storms that we tend to get here. To give you a better idea of where he was painting the facia board...

...there he is, way up high.  I had to stand on the ground with binoculars to tell him where he had missed because it was difficult for him to see over the edge.  Go back and look at photo #1 again and you will see he is holding onto a rope that was also tied onto his waist.  There you will see his nifty, triangular contraption he built to hold his paint tray with roller horizontally.  Notice the angle and the craftsmanship...he didn't want to have to pick up wet paint off the roof.

Some time ago Shelby suggested we have a video camera recording our building adventure. When the two of us have to move scaffolding and boards, way up high, or do anything tricky regarding the sides of the addition or roof, it would be interesting to view, I am sure.  At least we could all have a good laugh.

Now, at the end of the week you can see we have shingles applied and painted for the third time half-way across the north-west side of the house.  I have also painted the wall of the garage and this coming week hope to get the wall of the house backing our master bedroom done.  There is patching and sanding to do first but it is minimal compared to the work of applying the shingles that Sherwin does.

And while I was out and about with my camera I thought I would show you two beautiful HoneyCrisp Apples, soon to eaten by two tired but happy people.

Sorry I couldn't get a photo of the past two minutes in our lives.  I am sitting here in my office typing away and Sherwin calls from the bed...Shirley, come quick, we have a squirrel in our bedroom...I dashed in there, slamming doors behind me but the little squirrel wasn't just born yesterday...he knew how to get out.  My little window by my side of the bed was open with no screen.

For all of this I am grateful.  It may look easy-peasy to the outside world but we are daily thankful for the careful watch of our angels sent from heaven.  It is a full time job for them.

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