Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Man in the Moon . . .

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke with a start to the sound of scraping, banging and thumping about coming from the direction of Deck One.

Then I remembered The Moon was supposed to be Blue and knew that Mr. was outdoors working on a photo.

Grabbing my camera, peering at the sky through sleep sodden eyes I whipped out my camera and shot it!!

Hey, I want to hear great ooohs and aaahhs from the crowd.

The middle of the night is not a good time for me to try out the new stunts the photo teacher taught us just before we got our last group of guests.  What he had said during that class had gone straight to the back of the brain-bus and been submerged in menus and schedules and beds made and unmade and walls painted and boards stained and mountains of weeds pulled!!

And here was that gorgeous old big blue moon and me unprepared!

Click here and you will see the moon in all his glory last night.

But to make up for my shortcomings of the night notice the following:

Here is my dear sweetheart working on putting up shingles on the northwest side of the house. You can see the grey shingles below where I have already given them a coat of paint. Next week I get to test out the scaffold to make the entire wall grey.  It is looking very good.

After 4 test-runs I think I do have the colour for the main part of the house, the loft and studio.  I went from Concord Ivory to Barley to Vellum and finally to Summer Harvest (all Ben Moore's colours)...and now I am ready to lay it on!  The foyer has been the testing spot so it is somewhat smaller due to the layers of fresh paint.

And to finish off the week I got a photo of said husband early this morning with a fellow we met yesterday on the road when we went for a walk.  He mentioned he had a kayak and Sherwin said he would be delighted to go out with him in his kayak.  So they headed off into Navy Channel, phoned when they were below our house and I shot them.

Sherwin is the fellow in the front in the white shirt...he had a great time and is already home safe and sound and ready for some lunch, I am sure.

Tell me, what happened in your life last week that makes you thankful for today, right now, this minute in front of you?

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