Saturday, October 6, 2012

Learning Something New . . .

This past week Seth had his birthday and we Skyped him to give him our glorious rendition of 'Happy Birthday' that we inflict on all our children.

He was most gracious and stayed by to chat a while.  The lighting was so cool on him and his mother that I wanted to take a photo.

Well, Seth says, you can do it right there on your don't need to go for your camera.

Now I believe this only works on an Apple but here goes...

press 'command', 'shift' and '4' all at the same time and a cross-hairs will show up on the Skype screen of the picture of your visitor

now draw a square/rectangle around said picture

and click!!!

that photo will show up on your desktop where you can click and drag it to iPhoto

I had fun...(my daughter calls me a funny lady)

This one marks Seth's 16th birthday...

Hi Shelb...we were busy talking the other night and I neglected to mention to him that I was clicking away while we talked...

Marilyn called from Spain the other day and it was very good to see her and remember the Skyping she and I did from Paris a year and a bit ago...

And Bobbi was busy trying to do to me what I was doing to her, on her Apple...

I didn't get all the people snapped this week that I talked to on Skype but you get the is fun!

Thank you so much, Seth.  You gave me a birthday present on your day!


  1. Did you get permission from all your subjects, funny lady?

    Cool new skill you got there! Now Alan will always stay out of shot!!

    1. Alan, I will be good. I will not shoot unless I tell you ahead of time and you can shut me down.

      Now I have to go make peace with Shelby...Big Smile!!