Friday, December 21, 2012

At Week's End . . .

As the sky darkens and the week starts winding down, I must say I am most thankful this week is past...and I would wager that I am not alone on this.

I am also thankful that the days will start getting longer after today and pretty soon we won't be rising in the dark.

Even though my neighbour is very close and so far non-existant, I am thankful for the sky outside our windows.  From the dining room we see this unfinished house...

from the living room we see marvellous sunsets through the arches on our front porch...

and I am always able to spot the beauty of the flowers that some dear soul has planted 'just-for-me'!!!

At night from my side of the bed I look out our bedroom window and see a wonderful display of stars on clear nights.  I thought the stars were fantastic on our little island but they truly show off their splendour here on the desert.

We are thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and start to form new friendships.

(self-portrait from our Christmas dinner here at Del Webb at Rancho del Lago)

"Life has taught us 
that love does not consist 
of gazing at each other 
but in looking outward together 
in the same direction."
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Tonight I am thankful for my Creator who gives me fresh evidence every day that He cares for me and has my back.

Tonight I am thankful for my childhood family who knows me better than I know myself most days.  Thankful for our children who are a strong support for me to lean on...they send me cheer and smiles which warm my heart.

I realize that if I am able to make this 'thankfulness list' I am most fortunate.  

Good night, God bless and be well.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post of thoughts and photos. Even though it is no longer in the 80's every day, it is pretty pleasant here.

    Yesterday when I was talking with the Shaw TV guy getting help setting up our TV dish I asked where he was located. He said he was in Calgary.

    I asked him what it was like there and he said it got up to -20 C. He gave me no sympathy when I told him we woke up to 45 F... but later it got up to 68 F.

    In spite of the challenges every day, life is good.