Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

There have been some good laughs around here as we learn more about each other in the process of setting up a new house.  We brought a lot of small stuff with us from Canada but there was much we left behind as we will need those items when we head Home again.

We didn't realize until we were in the middle of it that Sherwin had never gone 'kitchen shopping' with me before.  You know the little things that make a kitchen function...those nifty tools and pretty what-nots that make a kitchen work.  In the past if I needed something I would just go and get what was necessary and come home, integrate it into my kitchen and he would never know what it took to pull my kitchen together.

Aha!  It was time to hit 'Bed, Bath and Beyond' this week as I knew they would have a few items I needed.  We carefully worked down the list with me adding goodies to the cart.  Now picture Sherwin pushing said cart, rolling his eyes in amazement as the cart becomes quite full.

But...the last thing on my list was an iron and a new ironing board.  You all know that ironing is not high on my list of enjoyable pastimes so I just breathed deeply and headed to the small appliance department.

Hmmm...there were very lovely irons on display and not cheap!  We could pay all the way up to $150. for the iron and $100. for the ironing board.  Probably not a good idea for someone who avoids ironing as much as possible so I looked around and found the cheapest board and a middle of the road iron.

Now don't saw off in boredom because I am just coming to the best part of the story...

There was a bedskirt that required ironing when it came out of the dryer so I set up my new equipment and went for it.  I filled the iron with water and thought that the new iron may change my whole attitude towards ironing.  It was so pretty, so new, so clean!

In a minute or so the iron smelled funny and the bedskirt was not losing it's wrinkles. *%#$^*! Grumble, mumble, whine...

"Sherwin, I should have bought the expensive model of both and then my clothes would shed their wrinkles more easily". what?  I kept at it though because persistence is in my genes.

But, if I am going to iron there better be decent results!  It was time to thoroughly inspect this new iron.  When I seriously looked at the iron, I burst out laughing and laughed and laughed.  In my haste to get ironing (heaven forbid) I had not removed the light cardboard cover on the bottom of the iron.  The steam could not come out, the heat was only scorching the cardboard and the bedskirt was still wrinkly!

It was very funny to both of us but now in the retelling it was maybe one of those stories where you actually had to be there to be amused.

For those of you who have worked hard at mind blowing jobs all week, exhausted by your labours, you can see that down the road when you retire very small, innocuous incidents in your life will give you great amusement.

Or, at least, I hope they do...

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  1. Ha! Oh heck, a layer of cardboard should be no match for a good quality iron, anyway, right? ;-)

    Love the image of Sherwin with the cart at BB&B.

    Glad you two are having fun.