Friday, July 5, 2013

A Month and Two Days Later . . .

Well, here we are. What a vacation! Truth be told, we have had to come home to relax.

But a lovely time was had by all (I think).

Where do I begin to tell my tale of The Journey?

I may as well start with a topic that rose up again this morning...wee hours of the morning.

On the day we toured Ephesus...

we were not prepared for the scale of what we saw there. I will be doing a full story just on that one tour but on our way through Ephesus our tour guide (notice the silver umbrella with red plastic flowers spotted all over it on the right hand side?) showed us a bas-relief on stone of the goddess Nike.

If you look on the middle left hand side of the stone you will see what appears to be the Nike symbol.The tour guide made the claim that this rock was the inspiration for the Nike symbol that you are all familiar with on running shoes, etc.

When Sherwin heard that he laughed and said, "Impossible. Not True. No. No. No." or words similar to that. (after all, this is a family safe blog)  He had been saying words of that sort for a number of historical sites we had toured.

I thought how clever of the woman who had designed this symbol for Nike.  My first thought was, 'She did her homework.'

But not everyone 'drank the Kool-Aid' on this so I thought to settle the 'discussion' once and for all I would go to the internet and see what I could find.

First of all I typed in 'goddess Nike' and got this. I was pleased to see a photo of exactly what I saw where I saw it.

Then I typed in the story of the company Nike and got this. This article tells you about the designer, Carol Davidson, who designed this logo for $35 back 1971.  Interesting story...

And that is the story of a piece of rock I found interesting, unearthed thousands of miles away that to this day, used for a new purpose, still makes a strong impression.

Stay tuned for more trip stories...we will try not to bore you but we want to let you in on the fun and craziness of our past month.


  1. Can I have French fries with my crow? I love that Nike story... have followed the company for years. Hats off to Carol Davidson!

    1. I love the Nike story too but now it makes more sense to me...there is a reason for the swish!!

  2. Um.. hold the fries. Where does it say that Carolyn Davidson was inspired by *THAT* particular image of Nike? I'm not convinced yet.

    1. Well, it looks like I will have to talk to Carol Davidson and find out exactly from her own lips what it was that inspired her. You guys were both born in Missouri.

      She just happened to be well educated in Greek mythology and did her research before she went, "Swish'!!

  3. Lunch is late already... Let me have the fries and "Hold" the crow. Your mom has been pretty hard on me over this.

    1. Aww! I just didn't buy your version, that is all. Any version that comes embellished with 'words' needs to be looked at twice!! Smiles!!