Saturday, July 6, 2013

Now Back to the Beginning . . .

This vacation idea came to us via Werner and Geri Seidel.  They visited us about a year ago and invited us along on a trip that would include a month of travel in Europe and the celebration of their 50th anniversary.  Sounded like fun to us so we signed on...

Our group consisted of 8 couples in total...

From left to right:
Don and Elaine Schaber
Wayne and Gail Leiske
Sherwin and Shirley Goerlitz
Barry and Gail Grabo
Werner and Geri Seidel
Ewalt and Terri Lang
Herb and Geri Kennedy

Couple no. 8 was Byron and Joyce Grabo.  They left a day earlier and we did not meet them until it was time to board Cruise ship no. 1.

Some of these people had been classmates in high school.  Some are cousins of Mother and most all of them come from the community of Rosebud/Beiseker in Alberta.  Great company for a month of good laughs and fun.

That is how it all began...we said goodbye to Calgary and flew into the sunshiny night.

Flying out of Frankfurt on our next leg of the journey, I noticed that there seemed to be some major flooding...

By the time we landed in Barcelona and had checked into Hotel EuroPark, it was late afternoon.  Sherwin and I did not book with the others because we were so late in our arrangements so we were on our own.

We did a walk through the streets near our hotel...

and had our first dinner at a Tapas Bar where you can choose a number of single items to make up your dinner.  Economical and experimental for us.

Finally we said, 'Enough', and hauled ourselves off to bed.

This hotel is one we would both recommend.

Stay with me for the rest of the story...

God bless you all and Be Well!


  1. what? no bidet? ha ha.. someday we'll make it to Barcelona.

    1. You know Shelby, that was the only bathroom we had with no bidet...but I think that was the only bathroom I photographed too. Stay tuned!

  2. Since I am your latecomer, I've been going at this thing backwards. Have to say the whole thing has been quite enjoyable, but NOT ENOUGH FOOD PICTURES! I just realized that, when I passed by your one post that had pasta, and then saw this your tapas above... I can only imagine how heavenly some of the food was. You obviously need to take me with you on these trips so that someone documents the food!!

    1. Food was not a big item on our to-do list. We ate a lot on the ships but when we were in one city or another for a few days we ate lightly and didn't dine, as such. I suppose I do have more food photos in my files... have to get some out for you.

      With my weight concerns I have truly tired to adopt the 'eat to live, not live to eat' motto. And your father was horrified at the cost of food. Even without fancy dining I am embarrassed to tell you how much this holiday cost. I just added it up last week.!!!!!