Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Babies For a New Year!

See My New Babies!!!

Three new little cacti came to our house... notice the smallest one in the upper right hand corner of the 'nursery'.

When we toured The Sonoran Desert Museum this past weekend we were given this book of coupons and facts about the Museum. On the back page there was this offer...

So we went to B&B Cactus Farm and came home with a wee baby Saguaro... and instructions on how to care for cactus and succulents.

This is what baby Saguaro could grow up to be!!

The wee baby in the first photo is already 18 months old. It takes 50 years for a Saguaro to even get it's first arm... so we will probably not see any arms on our baby. We will leave it for one of the grandchildren to watch over.

A new start, indeed!

Wishing you all a great new year.


  1. Replies
    1. Aha! I read your little URL you sent ... the difference between me and illegal is that mine came from a seed from a bona fide nursery. I did not dig it up or move it. Did you see how big it is?

  2. re: owning --

    and maybe you should get St. Peter to get you a permit too so that you can take this to heaven.. you'll need the better part of eternity to see this thing grow up.. ha!

    1. Notice that I mentioned that maybe I should hand this little one over to one of the grandchildren. They are highly prized here!

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    1. Well, we have been researching that... none of the names on the graves at Boot Hill in Tombstone seemed to fit but then we remembered Frankie Fencepost (Pa's choice) and Cochise (my choice). Frankie Fencepost seems to be more explainable to friends and family!