Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Choice is Yours . . .

It seems that for those of us who are reluctant to enter 2014, I could be the poster child! Slowly, slowly I am gathering myself together to start this new year. What am I waiting for? Not sure but my head is awhirl (is that a word?) with ideas and I have to choose how this new year will shape up. It is my choice.

But, there is definitely a struggle in the choosing. And I realize that making no choice is also a choice.

So, 2014, here I come, ready or not!  I can hear you all laughing, wondering where in the world has Shirley Ann been. I am very conscious that the choices I make tell my story.

"The future lies
before you,
like a field of
fallen snow;
Be careful how
you tread it,
for every step
will show."

Be well and keep in touch . . .

p.s. the photo in my header is for those of you who are suffering through a long winter. The glass flowers come from Venice, Italy. 

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