Saturday, June 14, 2014

Home Again and Happy...

There is no problem finding things to be thankful for this morning... we got into our car on May 31 and returned on June 11, safe and 'mostly' sound! That in itself is something to be very thankful for.

We are conscious of the lovely presence of angels when we are 'on the road'. 

And my roses were still blooming wildly on our return.

The purpose of our trip away was a 50th class reunion at Canadian University College, known in our time as Canadian Union College. Both Sherwin and I attended high school there and we have many fond memories of the people we knew 50 years ago. Sheesh, did I just say that about us?

While we were gone my heart kept turning back to our new studio/loft spaces we are just completing and moving into here at home. I am so grateful that the worst of the work is over; it was tough. I was very thankful the day a few weeks ago when we were able to return all the scaffolding to our neighbour who had lent it to us for 2 years.

But the most delightful time has been spent setting up a sketching/painting area for myself in the studio and a sewing/quilting spot in the loft for which I a most grateful.

When I looked at this photo that is sitting on my table something else hit me...

The young man in this above photo is grandson Seth, with his mamma Sherilee. Next June Seth graduates from high school, probably the same weekend that my 50th reunion will be celebrated in Alberta.

I was 50 when he was born and here we are, years later. Now, maybe I am the only one who finds this 'magical' but I love the rhythms of life and here is another to be so thankful for.

Right now, after hearing stories of life issues from fellow schoolmates, I am not taking anything for granted. All of a sudden so many are facing what we all thought that we were above or beyond or something. It was a very touching time.

So gratitude fills my heart for all those things I have listed here for many years on Sabbath morning plus new ones that just popped out at me this week.

Tell me, what is it that you are grateful for today, right now, this very minute? Write it down, share it... I am always happy to hear of other's grateful moments.

God bless you all, and above all, be well.

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