Monday, June 23, 2014

The Life of Ryley . . .

June 8, a balmy Sunday afternoon, while Sherwin and Lorne Booth went golfing at CUC, Gail and I travelled northeast to their farm in Ryley, Alberta. 

Now, I have only seen Ryley in the summer months, actually, only in the month of June, so I have a rather bucolic view of the place. At this time of the year it is green, they have red barns, it is peaceful and quiet... sounds quite inviting.

They even have grain elevators... actually this one is in a farmer's yard!

Gail guided me down a hard-top road to their house, taking me past the farm where she grew up and her brother still lives.

This barn is no longer used for cattle but continues to stand as a reminder of yesteryear.

Love the old windows... and the reflections.

It was great fun to capture as much as possible the feeling of the building.

Gail can tell wonderful stories of her childhood here on this land. It reminds me somewhat of our barn in Peoria. This one seems bigger than the one we had but very similar in appearance.

It was quite dark inside but I was able to get some shots indoors too.

Lots of old treasures...

Imagine the memories held within these walls.

Oh yes, before I say good night I must show you one more photo I took down the road... Gail said, 'you have to see this fellow's artwork'.

The farmer who lives here is making a statement re: some issue in the community I believe. He expresses himself a lot like Salvador Dali.

No dull moments...

Be well.


  1. Very nice pics Shirley!! But you're right, Ryley in June in one thing. Ryley in January is totally another! Just sayin :)

    1. I know you are right, Dale... winter is the reason I don't live in Alberta. But I have not been as drastic as you in my relocation! :)

  2. I, too, grew up with a big red barn. Barns are the cornerstone of life on a cattle ranch. Great photos, Shirley!

    1. The barn on the first farm I lived on was made of logs, just like the house. Big house, big barn, big family... Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a fun blog post. Great photos of the old barn. It brings back a lot of memories... we had a great barn at Acme.

    1. Knowing how things change over time, I know this barn I photographed will not stand forever, even though I wish it would.

      Found a good photo of your old barn... think I need to do a sketch...

  4. Ma -- any more details on the local political commentary attempted by the "skull nest"?