Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stop and Smell the Whatever...

On May 31 we gathered ourselves together and headed out on yet another road trip. We do love road trips but we were leaving behind an almost completed interior renovation which is ready to be enjoyed.

But 'old times' beckoned and we couldn't not show up at the 50th party when we had called and written so many people encouraging them to come.

If you travel between the ferry terminal at Tsawassen and the Fraser valley you already know about the really cool new route on an extended Hwy 17. We love the changes made to give us an easy path through what used to be a traffic maze.

We stopped for lunch that first day with Sherwin's former high school roommate. 

Roger and Lori Moren met us in Clearbrook for a good lunch and great visit.

Next: Kelowna is a familiar stop where we stay with Bobbi and visit with her and Mother. My mother is still playing scrabble and thanks to Bobbi's help, almost beat me. Sister Bobbi has played so many games of Scrabble that she has become something of a legend and should really join a Scrabble club. We had two fun days there and then on to points east.

How many times have you found yourself sifting along Hwy 1 towards Calgary, enjoying the scenery but not stopping for much of anything other than 'the necessities'?

So on Tuesday, June 3, when we headed out from Kelowna we decided we were going to make some stops. We started at The Last Spike at Craigellachie where the last nail was driven into the railroad in 1885. 

Don't you love the faces of these gentlemen of the day? This was an important moment in Canadian history.

Sherwin says the hammer is somewhat heavy.

The skunk cabbage wetlands was our next stop where you walk on a boardwalk, elevated over the boggy land, for over a kilometre to see these unusual plants. 

Wanting to get as many walkabouts in our day as possible we stopped at Lake Griffin and got some wonderful reflections in the water.

We have stopped at The Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River on earlier trips...

but not since they have built a bridge for us to walk on.

In times past we would walk right up to the natural bridge and walk on it. Wonder how many souls they have lost overboard before they decided to build a safer method of viewing the mighty river? 

Then on to Emerald Lake... you have seen tourist photos of Emerald Lake but I am giving you a through-the-trees view as we hiked around the lake. It was a beautiful day.  We scurried to make it around the entire lake in under 2 hours. Of course we stopped for a few photos but on the whole we hiked.

There was still some snow and ice on the path so more time was spent looking down to make sure of my footing than looking out at the lake. I did not want to end up on my tail!

It was a great hike/walk and then we pushed east towards Alberta, our true 'homeland'.

For another point of view and more photos go to Sherwin's blog. Click on the highlighted words to lead you there.

Be well.


  1. Such gorgeous photos, Ma! Lovely indeed. :)

  2. What a great photo of my high school room mate...with his wife Lori.

    and what a great time we had at the Homecoming.

    We played our first game of golf together... and I missed the Mustang Hole in One by about 2 inches.
    It was the closest to the pin so got to pick a prize for that... but no new Mustang!

    1. ...and Roger was worried that I had a dud that I was going to post!! :) :)