Sunday, June 22, 2014


Class of 1964

"Where the shimm'ring rays of the northern lights
Shine soft o'er prairies of snow,
And the em'rald lakes like tranquilly still,
And the winds from the northland blow.
Where the lordly mountains raise their heads
Far off where you scarce can see,
Is the school that we have learned to love.
Our CUC.

Oh CUC thy praise we sing,
True homage give to thee,
Our worthy Alma Mater dear,
Our CUC."

It was a delightful Sabbath day with our friends of the class of '64. The graduation photo that was taken in 1964 is missing a couple students and I believe there were more at this 50th reunion than the 40 in the above photo. Oops! But it was good to see them all.

We didn't realize at the time we planned this trip that Sherwin's two elder sisters were also in honoured classes. Rose on Sherwin's right, class of '59 and Dolores on his left, class of '49!

"Forever ago and yet yesterday."


  1. If you look at the class photo carefully you will see some in there who did not graduate with class of '64. But they helped fill out the empty spots!! :) :)

  2. You left our your favourite quote from the CUC Homecoming weekend...

    "Most of our classmates are looking a lot older... except for us!"