Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Night Moment of Gratitude

This week I have noticed so many little things in my life...those things often taken for granted or not appreciated for their beauty and the delight ...

So I found myself feeling very grateful for:

The fresh air coming through the wide open doors and windows this time of year…

The blossoms on my vegetables…

The perfection of small, smooth rocks…

The precise cut on the edge of the daisies...

Old chairs (I have a major soft spot for old chairs)…

The smell of fresh Challah  cooling...

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
                                                   Winnie The Pooh

My question for you:  what small insignificant thing happened in your week that gave you joy, even for moment?


  1. Lovely on so many levels, Ma.

    I think my moment was when I chilled and watched the bunnies this week. Just to be out on the grass, warm but not hot, peaceful and taking pictures. For a moment, not a care in the world. Ah.

  2. My moment came last evening when I stopped over at my son's to give Lucas,my grandson, a tiedied t-shirt I got for him at the Filberg festival in Comox yesterday-- on the front in the center of all the colors was a heart in yellows and red--he looks at it and says, "A heart!!, thanks grandma" and give me a big hug.

  3. I love the pictures you posted...and the Winnie the Pooh quote made me smile.
    My moment came late at night when I heard my daughter, my dog, and the dog we are dog sitting, all sleeping and snoring peacefully.
    The safety and peace of it was lovely.
    Thank you for bringing that memory back to me.

  4. Sherilee I knew those bunnies would rank very high with you. You always were a bunny lover!!

    Jeanne, I am so happy that you have Lucas and Rick close by and those moments with Lucas are a treasure. I am sure you are very thankful for them both.

  5. i love this post ..I may have to steal the thought and the quote from Winnie ...
    My moment came yesterday when I was kayaking on the river, with a special someone ..the look he had; I think we are finally finding our path together.