Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today is MaizyDay!

We are so happy to say Happy Birthday to Maizy today.  She is our double-digit girl! Happy Birthday Maizy…Grandma and Grandpa love you and are so delighted that you are now 10.

We have so many happy memories…

Your ballet class...

Waiting for Lucy to come...

Your visits to our house on the island...

Driving the tractor with Grandpa...

Hottubbing at Grandma and Grandpa's house...

Cruising to Alaska with Cousin Seth and the whole family...

Looking for treasure...

Throwing the ball for Beatrice on the beach...

And growing up before our very eyes...

On My Way

Looking out at the world I see
So many dreams, so many possibilities
Climbing a mountain
or maybe a tree
Life is calling to me.

Well, I'm on my way
I'm on my way.

Though my journey has only begun
I'll keep growing; won't ever be done
Finding my way from a walk to a run
Reaching up for the sun.

Well, I'm on my way
I'm on my way.

And if I should stumble
Or if I do some foolish things
Hold me close, then let me fly
Give me roots and wings.

'Cause I'm on my way
I'm on my way!

Lyrics by Emma Walton Hamilton

Grandpa and I send you our love, dear Maizy!


  1. So so sweet. Such lovely pictures of a beautiful girl, to show the passage of 10 years! Bless you, Grandma!

  2. Thank you so very much. Lots of hugs from all the G Jr clan.