Monday, July 26, 2010

Mindful Monday

Have you noticed
as you drive east
on a warm summer evening
thunder storms threatening;
going from mountain
to foothill
to prairie,
just how the evening steals
towards you
a bank of dusk
moving towards you
enveloping you
traveling faster towards you
than you are to it?

Look behind
the light lingers back there
the light actually gleams
from where you came
just minutes ago.

Look east again
and it is night.                            -Shirley Ann Goerlitz


  1. Very good, Shirley. I have been there.


  2. Makes me want to go for a drive at dusk. Nice.

  3. I love this--you are a very talented lady--keep on writing and posting your poems--maybe you should publish them!!!!!Thanks so much for sharing.