Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Memory Mid-Week

Some 14 plus years ago my sister, Marilyn, and my friend, Carole, and I made a road trip to Walla Walla to surprise my daughter, Sherilee, at her baby shower.  I was so happy to be invited and was delighted to make the trip.  Marilyn and I probably drove Carole crazy with our loud singalong with Andy Griffith and his hymns but she was a great sport and smiled as we went down the road.

It was a great surprise and I do have a photo somewhere in my photo mess here in my office of the look on her face when we came through the door but the following are the only ones I could ressurect for today's memory...

Isn't that an adorable cake? 

Sherilee is about to cut into the cake with her friend, Pat, looking on...

And here is Sherilee and her friends, Pat and Julie, who made this occasion for her.  It was wonderful and so, so good to surprise her.  Probably tomorrow when I sort more photos I will come across the one of Sherilee and her look of surprise!

Tell me, as you sit at the end of the day, or whenever you are reading this, what is the first sweet memory that comes to your mind?  The very first thing...


  1. Oh, that makes me miss Pat. She was such a good woman.

    And, nope, still don't remember that cake. Go figure. I would bet it was a John's Wheatland cake... at the time they were pretty much the only game in town for bakeries...

    Nice memory, Ma. That weekend was a memorable one, for a lot of reasons... but the BEST one was seeing you all come in the room, definitely.

  2. I just love your smile, Sher, as you are about to cut the cake. Your happiness is my happiness.