Monday, March 28, 2011

A Poem for Tuesday

 The Most Triumphant Bird I ever knew or met by Emily Dickinson

The most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met
Embarked upon a twig today
And all Dominion set
I famish to behold so eminent a sight
And sang for nothing scrutable
But intimate Delight.
Retired, and resumed his transitive Estate -
To what delicious Accident
Does finest Glory fit!

On Friday at Butchart I met this delightful gloriously coloured and delightful.  He sat so still for me; for that I was grateful.

Tell me, what encounter in nature has warmed your soul this past week?


  1. The eagles on top of the tree house tree last Friday was my highlight of the week. To get two bald headed eagles sitting side by side is an all time first for me. And to catch them enjoying a wind storm was amazing.

  2. Our owl, Owen. His hoots are so warm and soothing in the evenings...

    Pretty robin! Love that chest...

  3. Sherilee, do you have a photo of Owen? Would love to see the fellow.