Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art Journal Update

For the past few weeks I have found little time to devote to my Art Journal that I started last year with some pictorial book reviews.

But recently I have been going through photos and slides and digital pics, sorting, tossing and saving so I decided to make a page in honour of my ancestors and my earlier life.

Left hand page...

And then on the right hand side...

My husband says I always have something brewing here in my office...I like it that way (and so does he).

Over time I will add little snippets of stuff to enhance the page but this is the background.


  1. Yet again your smile makes our wedding picture the best on the page! That smile was so awesome back then... and with 45 years of practice it is even better today!

  2. Love the photos and the way you have arranged them...something about black and white photos is so interesting and texture-revealing, and the red toes in the middle--fun!!! Thank you!