Friday, March 4, 2011

End of Week Thankful Moment

When I come to the end of the week I always turn my mind and heart to thankfulness and when you live as fortunate a life as I, that is not a difficult task. 

Friday night is a time to settle into the glow of the past week and remember all the great days.  I do believe that I should be thankful for the rain clouds as well as sunshine, toes stubbed as well as a smooth dance, whacks on the side of the head as well as the sincere compliment of a loved one.

Tonight I find myself very thankful for the physical world we live in.  We have joined the happy family of Netflix so each mealtime we sit and watch a documentary, or part of one, where we travel all over the world and now are viewing a series called "The Planets" by the BBC.  All well done and very informative. 

This week we have enjoyed more liquid than real sunshine.  For that I am trying to be thankful.

That was the view I got out the living room windows this week.  Usually, on a clear day, I can see forever.

Tonight I am thankful for the sun and moon and stars.  When visiting with Mother some time ago she said that one thing she misses is being able to go outside at night and see the moon and stars and she reminisced about the northern lights.  May I never take for granted the ability and opportunity to go out and see the moon and stars at night.

Tonight I am thankful for all the animals I enjoy here on the island.  From the starfish in the ocean. . .

to the birds that come to our many feeders and to those that fly by. . .

or the even the pesky raccoons that visit us on a regular basis, I must say I am thankful. 

This is only a wee, small part of what I am thankful for.  Since the week has been full of toes stubbed (the flu/cold thing) I am off to sleep and rest for 24 hours of refreshment.

Tell me, what do you want to say thank you for tonight?


  1. What a great photo of the Blue Heron about to lift off.

    I am thankful for:
    -our planet Earth... and in particular, Mayne Island
    -our telephone... it is back working today
    -gravel... it makes the muddy places clean
    -iPhone... which for me is my iCamera
    -learning new things... BBC documentary on the moon... amazing!
    -Netflix... access to a whole new world of good stuff
    -internet that works... it has not always been this good on our island
    -good customer service... kudos to Amazon and MarketSmith
    -sunshine... without the rain we often take the sun for granted
    -ability to create... been working on carport/studio addition plans and a model of how it will really look

  2. I hadn't thought of that aspect of Grandma's situation... not getting to go outside at night, missing the moon and stars. She should get to do that... definitely. Maybe Seth and I will kidnap her one night this next week... heh heh...

    Thanks for sharing.