Friday, May 20, 2011

'Insignificance' of Little Things

There are many little 'happenings' throughout my day that I could tend to take for granted but I don't want to get in that habit.  They may seem insignificant to others but I treasure them all.

Today I have been in town by myself, running errands and doing things that my husband thinks I may prefer to do on my own.  (I had grand plans of stopping off for a little piece of Pandora jewelry and finding a 'posh frock' to soothe my gardener's soul but the day whooshed by and all I got done were the real things.)

There is a tendency for me to feel a marvellous rush of gratitude whenever I am out on the ocean on a ferry with the air, the scene, the loveliness of the day all around.  It speaks to my heart.  It is like I could put my hands out and touch the greatness of the day.  For that I am most grateful.

Secondly, I have to say I was grateful for the little loaner car the windshield-replacement people gave me to zip around town.  It was just a bit of a thing but it was new and it was wheels.  

Now, for this third thankfulness item I have to ask you to please use your imagination.  I got such a Big Smile out of this.  OK, picture me if you will, as most of you have seen me.  I am wearing black short EF pants, a black t-shirt, my sweet little black flats and my grey and black striped longish sweater.  I look like someone who truly wants to look OK but not so OK that I draw a lot of attention.  

Now picture this, a young woman draws up beside me, both of us waiting for the light to change so we can cross the street.  She is about as opposite me in appearance as you could possibly achieve.  This young girl is tall...maybe 5'10" or more.  She has black hair...not black by birth but by bottle and to set off the black hair she has florescent pink bangs with a few pink streaks running through her jet black tresses.  This hair is divided up into 3 parts; two ponytails and one long section flowing down the back.  

Stay with me..we are only getting started.  She was wearing a black lace mesh top (covering very respectable undergarments) with a shortish black kilted skirt with a black leather belt that was about 6 inches high with lots of metal studs, stars and such, all around it.  Her hose were, of course black,with black shoes of magnificent weight and heavy in appearance.  I am sure I am missing something here. 

Her face was a work of art.  There were numerous piercings, eyeliner drawn out to extend the length of her eye by half again and the pinkest cheeks available from the blush pot.  

Please do not think I am mocking this girl...she was a total piece of art.  She was so well put together in her own style. Very ready to be a statement.  And here I was beside her...about as conservative and 'of-a-certain-age' looking as was possible and still looking as well put together as I thought I should be.  

I promise I did not giggle out loud but I do wish someone had been there to take a snap of us making our way down Douglas Street.  It was a hoot!  We walked quite a way together and I did so want to turn to her and ask if she saw the moment as I did.  

It is a marvel, all the different packages that we come in; this was truly an example of diversity.

So I am thankful for the ability to smile at the little truly insignificant happenings through the day.  

What a day!  Now I am heading home with my load of gravel and happy to see sail boats out on the water and people in campers on the ferry...all pointing to our long weekend.  There is something else to be grateful for: I do have to be thankful for Queen Victoria too so we can have, yet again, another long weekend.

What do you have planned for your long weekend?  Where are you going?  What small things happened in your day as you prepared for the weekend for which you are thankful?  

God bless and be well.

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  1. I love your story about the package designer! This was obviously your "moment of the day". Even without a photo of the two of you together you have painted the picture quite beautifully.