Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Memory for Wednesday

This morning, friend Carole said, what was your all-time favourite thing about Paris?  Oh my, that is hard.  I will be going through my photos and say...oh, this was my favourite spot of the whole trip...

So, was it the flowers in bloom everywhere we looked?

Yes, but then I will be going through another day's photos and say the same thing, again and you get the picture?

If I were to make a list and pick one item from the list:

flowers and gardens (green spaces in the city)
bridges on the Seine
food  (heavenly clafouti)
Pere Lechaise (the only cemetery we explored)
The Louvre, Le d'Orsay, L'Orangerie Museums
Eiffel Tower
the on-off open air bus tours
etc., etc., etc. would be very difficult.  I groan just to think of it as I look at the pictures.

But when I really get down to the pictures that draw me back I would have to say Versailles pulls my chords the hardest.  It was a lovely day, sunny and warm with my sister by my side for extra cheer.

You know I am a nut about interior architectural detail and that place was full of it, inside and out. 

The details made my day...

The repetition of detail was all around...

At home there are too many times I stop a project before I have put on the final, finishing detail that makes it very good instead of just pretty good...

And the outside was as exquisitely finished as the indoors...

...and of course, this little chapel spoke to me profoundly.  Did the residents of Versailles take some moments here before they were moved into town those final, awful days of their lives?

I think I have it, favourite part of Paris was the very fact that everywhere I turned in the whole city, I could see a photo to take.  Just ask the ladies I was with...where is Shirley Ann?....oh, she is back there still working on a photo.

So there is another memory of a lovely trip...pretty soon I will just tuck these memories away and quit blathering on about Paris but it was grand!


  1. No... don't stop sharing your happy moments in Paris. Milk them for all they are worth!

    I think you still have about 3,800 more photos that I haven't seen... so keep them coming.

    I have yet to see one I didn't enjoy.

  2. I'm with Pa. Don't stop with the Paris memories... very wonderful that you are sharing them with the world, I think, and getting a wee chance to relive moments yourself.