Monday, July 11, 2011

Addendum to My Joy...

If you went to Sherwin's blog and read about the construction you will know we are busy with changing the landscape around here.  The preparation for the foundations has gone along very well.  

Last evening as Sherwin was taking his photos to do his blog I was tending to recycling in the garage.  All of a sudden I heard a mighty roar and a crash and looked up.  Over the equipment in the garage all I could see were two big legs with black shoes flying through the air.  

Sherwin had tripped on an asphalt edge to one of the shallow holes and his camera went flying.  He had the presence of mind to do a roll out of the fall so he did not hurt his arms or face...only his one leg.  But even though he is stiff and sore, somewhat, today he is out there at it again.  

The blog Sherwin did was for the use of the engineers and sub-trades so you can see he did not mention his fall there.  We are grateful and delighted that he is not hurt seriously.  It was a mighty crash!

Of course, I took photos to add to my album of 'Sherwin's Mishaps'...Tah, Dah!!

Why do I feel joy?  Oh, this could have been so much worse.  Much worse.  

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  1. You are definitely a Jewish mother... finding the bright side in every calamity. It is a noble quality... even though that knee is very tender and it hurts to even bend it.