Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Poetry for Tuesday

Had to pull out one of my favourite little books in honour of the just completed Calgary Stampede...

How Far is Lonesome
by Yvonne Hollenbeck

My Mama got a letter from Aunt Jessie yesterday
and she said that it is lonesome where she's at;
you know I really miss her since she up and moved away;
Mama showed me where she went on our old map.

Aunt Jessie married Hiram and he took her far from me
and it really made me sad she moved away,
'cause she told me I was special and she played with me a lot,
but I told her I'd come visit her someday.

I can ride my little pony and I'll take along my doll
so I won't have to make the trip alone.
We will go and visit Jessie and I know that she won't care
if we spend a week or two in her new home.

Mama said she's on a homestead, whatever that might be,
and Jessie don't have neighbours where she lives.
Hiram's busy working so she spends her days alone
and she always seemed to like us little kids.

So, if you'll kindly tell me just how far 'way Lonesome is
I will saddle up and head there yet today;
I'll be riding off to Lonesome where my dear Aunt Jessie is
and I sure hope Lonesome isn't far away.

Happy Trails to you all today...

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