Friday, July 22, 2011

Outside my window... the sky has character which means activity in the weather today.  It is lovely to watch the sky lighten and brighten as the day begins.

I am thinking... no matter where you go, there you are.  No matter if I am home or away, I still am me.  Change of location doesn't seem to change my heart and soul.

I am thankful... that I have been with Maizy and Lucy this week, to hear their laughter and chatter. So thankful for their sweet, gentle natures yet so full of fun.  The squeals of delight as they play with each other and the dogs is pure sugar to my soul.

In the kitchen... well, in Kim's kitchen the food has been so good; it is always a treat for me to eat other people's cooking and somewhere in this room there is some Australian candy hidden that we all love and pretend we don't know where it is for as long as possible and then someone pulls it out and we all dive in for a little sugar frenzy!    

I am wearing... work clothes; I need to help out at the hen house construction site again today.

I am creating... a page on my art journal regarding my Paris is taking me way too long but distractions knock at my door constantly.  It is fun to go back through my pictures to see and remember the pieces I want to make a part of my page.  Otherwise I am creating order out of chaos in my gardens.  

I am going... to start through my kitchen cupboards again and do some changes for efficiency reasons.  I do love making order where at the moment there is none.

I am wondering... what it is going to take for us all to learn to live together in peace...probably heaven, right?

I am reading... a new book of poetry by Mary Oliver...well it isn't a new book for her but a new one for me.  Otherwise I am between books...just finished a tome on Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother which makes me want to read something light and frivolous next.

I am hoping... for a sunny, warm August.  'They' say it should happen so I am trying to count on that.

I am looking forward to... American Thanksgiving with all our kids together.  We must take a formal photo of all 9 of us all together in one spot at one time.

I am hearing... the stock market chatter between Sherwin and Shelby's friend Bradley quietly behind me here in the kitchen while we wait for the world to rise around us.  I learn about the ups and downs of that business by listening.

Around the house... we are still waiting for permits to get started on our renovation.  So looking forward to a new closet and a new pantry and a new place to put my art table...

I am pondering... how to get my right leg working like it used to.  Do I walk more and take pain pills or do I walk less and get by with less/no medication?  Hmmmmm.....

One of my favorite things... has to be my camera.  Just this past week I have been thinking about how much my camera means to me and how much satisfaction I get from a shot well done.  I am amazed at my interest in photography.  Yesterday Kim dropped my downtown here on Bainbridge and I wandered about for nearly an hour without my camera and felt naked.  There was so much out there to capture and here I was with no camera.  

A few plans for the rest of the week... well the week is at an end but we need to work diligently today again to get the hen house together.  When the chickens come we will be gone but we wish them happy laying!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...this is the mystery of the week...what is it, how long has it been there and why have I not noticed it before when we have taken the ferry to Bainbridge?  Hmmm

You all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Nice musings... also nice for me to be able to comment. I have missed being able to do that!

    Safe travels home. We need pictures of the hen house!

  2. Shirley I am entranced with your musings--your creativity-your wonderful spirit about all you do and think about. I enjoy having you and Sherwin in my life to inspire me

    1. Dear Stanley... I don't often get comments on posts this 'old' but I do appreciate you stopping by. And we must get this straight... you have been the inspiration to both of us. You have more energy than most people half your age and you make things happen whenever possible. Have a lovely day.