Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Joke is on Me!

Probably no one out there who will read this has not heard about the pinhole problem in my computer...I have fussed and fretted about it for weeks and not known what to do with it.  These little pinholes had rainbow colours shining through.  ???

Last week I phoned the Apple rep at Future Shop and left a message on his phone.  Two days later I sent him an email and finally on Saturday night I heard from him

Rob says, "It sounds to me like you have a warranty issue and here are the people for you to talk to at Apple..."

Sherwin uses my computer once in a while to remove photos for his blog and he said, "When are you going to do something about these pinholes?"

So this morning while I was skyping with Seth I thought he may be able to tell me what the problem was so we did some computer gymnastics and he said, "Looks to me like you have a great screen."

But then while he and I were still online I looked closely at my screen and told Seth that the pinholes were gone.  What did I do?  How did they disappear?  How could they have been here for weeks and then all of a sudden be gone???

All day I have batted this thing around in my head wondering what on earth I will tell Rob over at Future Shop about the disappearance of my little pinholes.

I just came in from a day outdoors, sat down at my computer and it dawned on me...

I washed my screen this morning with special computer cleaner.   Teach me for spitting at my computer, I guess.

Please do not fall off your chairs laughing at me...isn't that a hoot?

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  1. I am laughing. Quite a bit. When I think about how much time we've spent wondering about your monitor, and what you need to do about it! Ha.