Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favourite Things

It has come to my attention that we all have serious things on our minds and the hard things of life are tending to wear us down.  Set a spell with me and read my frivolous lists (see original source of idea) and then, please, I invite you to share with me what this list would say about you.  It helps to take our minds off the hard stuff.  And it makes it so fun to share these inconsequential tid-bits with each other.

So here goes...

13 places I have visited:
Paris, France
Quebec City, Canada
Halifax, NS
Orlando, FL
San Antonio, TX
New York City
The Panama Canal
Walla Walla, WA
Bainbridge Island, WA
Four of the Hawaiian Islands
Navojoa, Sonora, MX
etc., etc., etc.

12 items on my bucket list:
Machu Picchu
Great Britain
St. Petersburg
Florence, Italy
Panama Canal (again)
Istanbul and all the cities of Asia Minor as written about in Revelation
Piedmont Valley, home of the Waldensian people
One-woman Black & White photo show
Play the cello with some confidence
Paint watercolours and be able to sell them
Quilts for all children and grandchildren
Have my garden in apple-pie perfect order ...don't want Butchart ...want it less formal but still a delight to all.

11 things I like to eat:
shortcake and berries and cream
coconut flan
baguette sandwiches in Paris
soy latte at Starbucks
large navel oranges
honeycrisp apples
custard...anywhere, anytime on any good pastry
curry and rice

10 items currently on my desk:
Photoshop Elements to install
Music Cd's to install in my computer
Printer/scanner, handy so I can scan my old favourite photos
Photos to scan
Light meter to learn how to take photos manually
Moleskin books of every colour for my famous lists
Magnifier with pretty handle
Pewter pot for what-nots
A Macro lens
iPod to refill with fine music

9 flowers I would fill my house with:
Roses, though I am very fussy about the colour
Dahlias, warm tones
Sweet Peas

8 favourite songs/composers/singers:
Beethoven...I love the flow of his music
Bach...the contrary motion in his music
Kris Kristoffersen
Leonard Cohen
Luciano Pavarotti
Misha Maisky playing Shubert on the cello
Musicals:  Camelot, Sound of Music, The King and I
Alan Jackson singing hymns

7 things I cannot get through the day without:
Time with God
Time at my art table
Connecting with a friend or two off island
Hugs and good words with my husband
Water...I am still a water nut
Looking out on the view side of the house
Good food

6 favourite authors:
Barbara Tuchman
CS Lewis
Willa Cather
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Jane Austen
The Bronte Sisters
etc., etc., etc.  (You can tell I watched The King and I more than once this week while I painted boards in the cabin...didn't watch so much as sang along, you know what I mean.)

5 animals I would have as a pet:
a burro
an elephant
dogs (plural)
fish in an aquarium

4 words to describe me:
way, way too practical

3 models of vehicles I have owned:
190D Mercedes
318i BMW
Q4 Infiniti

2 physical traits that attract me to someone:

1 favourite season:
I have to say, Spring!

Tell me, what will your 13 lists tell me about you...I would love to know.


  1. I love that song, "In the Garden." Every time I hear it I am reminded of my father, who always asked for that song whenever we could request 'favourites' during song service at church.

    About that list of pets, we need to talk. Some things may have to wait until heaven.

  2. A couple of observations:
    Geese? Are you serious? Don't geese chase you? I thought you had nightmares about geese on golf courses, not petting them as they fall asleep on your lap. Ha.

    And the irony between your practicality and your vehicle choices made me smile! You do have a practical side, but apparently you leave that behind when on the car lot... Sorry, couldn't help but tease a little there. You know me and cars...


  3. Great list, I will email you mine!