Sunday, November 6, 2011

Questions to Start Your Week

For some time now I have been receiving Seth Godin's daily blog where he gives well thought-out advice to professional people in business and/or marketing.  It has been some years since I have had to rub shoulders with other people in business on a daily basis but some of his blogs, in fact a lot of his blogs can be applied to daily life no matter where you are.

This past week he gave a list of questions appropriate for the interviewer to ask the interviewee.  Excellent stuff.

So today I am going to ask you:

"How long are you willing to keep on pushing on a good project until you give up?"

"How hard is it to get you to change your mind when you are wrong?"

"How much do you learn from failing?"

"How long does it take you to learn something new?"

"How hard is it for you to let someone else take the lead?"

"How much do you care?"

No matter where you are, at what stage in your life you are, no matter who you are, these are good questions for you to ask yourself about your life.

Do these questions bring up other questions in your mind?  What life experiences come to mind when you read these?  Good food for thought.

Have a great week!  Thinking of you.

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