Monday, February 27, 2012

Further To That Gorgeous Beginning . . .

Yesterday you saw my gorgeous photo and truly that is the way the day started at 7'ish in the morning. Before Dan, our helper, showed up at 9:30 it had started to snow.  But with great determination and perseverance those windows went in.

How's that for dedication?  We only had one day with Dan, our helper, to help lift those heavy windows.  The two to the right of Sherwin took all three of us to manage but they are in and do they ever look good.  There are no photos of that operation because the photographer had to help heave and hoist those bruisers into place.

When Sherwin and I had finished installing the windows on the north-west side of the house today he was so happy he did the chicken dance for me!!

And then he stood back and surveyed the day's work.  Oh yes, the black hole on the right hand side there isn't finished...that is the bathroom window and that stretch of roof is mighty slippery when there is even moisture in the air, let alone moisture on the roof.

So you see that we are making some progress.  Now the scaffold on the left is moved to the other side of the portico and we are working on those windows. Before we leave on Friday all windows will be installed, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!

To close I will throw in one more photo of the beginnings of the railing going in from the front entry up to our new studio.  We are as excited as kids at the fair every time we make a step forward in this project.

Have a great week!


  1. Great photos again Shirley. I love the one with us working with the snow falling. It illustrates a Canadian trait... we don't stop working because of a little snow or cold. We just do it. We are Canadian!

    But the very best is the one of the windows we finished yesterday on the front elevation.

  2. What an amazing finished product, just to bad the lovely door is not so obvious any more! One could see it coming up the hill from either side! Oh well, it is still there and one can pause before going up the steps and take in the view!!

  3. Gee! Those are big and beautiful windows. Those windows will give so much light into your house during the day. I wonder how you designed it. I bet draperies or valances will be good on those windows. Please upload some more photos showing its updated look. Thanks!

    Roxie Tenner

    1. Well, you know, Roxie, we probably won't be covering those windows at all. They have a view that is out of this world and we have no close neighbours. We will be posting more photos as we finish this off in the summer. Thanks for stopping by.