Friday, February 24, 2012

Ragamuffins . . . Mayne Island Style

Friday night is the usual evening for grateful hearts around here.  We like to talk about what we are thankful for and tonight I have to say I am so thankful that Sherwin and I are in our house, snug as bugs and all in one piece.

Windows were on our minds this week whenever it was clear and sunny.  The windows below were installed on a sunny day that was very windy and so very cool.

But is it ever nice to look out these windows at Navy Channel below. . .

Then we had to install the  six clerestory windows on the opposite wall.  Sherwin built me two scaffolds.  One is in the loft where you can see I have three windows ready to go up and then if you look at the top of the above photo you will see a double decker scaffold where I will take the next three windows, pass them through to outdoors onto the roof where Sherwin waited for me.  

The clerestory windows are those little window you see way at the top of the photo.  So you can see where I had to stand to do the indoor part of the job.

Later when Sherwin went over onto that scaffold to stuff insulation in and around those three windows he said, it is a little wiggly up here!  My knees were knocking when I was there.  I was at least inside but Sherwin was on the roof only about 28 feet above the ground!!!! 

We were thoroughly whipped when the day came to end but I had Sherwin come into my 'photo booth' to mark the day.

As I said, we came in looking like wind blown ragamuffins but thankful for angels who care for us.

Tell me, what are you particularly thankful for tonight?


  1. That you both are safe! Good grief, that makes my stomach rock and roll, just looking at the pictures.

  2. I am most grateful to have a sweetheart who is braver than most.
    Very few women would get up on scaffolding and do what you did this week.

    It is good to get a few more windows in...
    but it is a trick having to work between the rainstorms.
    Yesterday we wanted to do some BlueSkin prep work...
    but it was just too ugly to go out there.

    At this point we have 19 of 38 windows installed...
    And Sunday Dan can hopefully come
    and give us a hand with some of the heaviest ones.
    Those big ones on the front will be a challenge.

  3. Whoops... 19 of 36 windows installed.

    1. Yes, thankfully only 36...but the biggest bruisers I've ever had to handle.

  4. Why does PhotoBooth give you photos that are Reversed? Does anyone know how to fix that?