Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Makes My World Go Round . . .

Love does make my world go round but there are other minor items that help when the love feels a little thin...ha, ha...nothing thin around here these days.

So here is a cross-section of what works for me, now, today:

1.   Outside my window... right now we are between rain showers and the sun is making it's thin showing on a cloudy day.  I hear someone working with a chainsaw below us and I see squirrels scampering about on the rocks leading to my garden.  Sometime later... I just had to come back into my post and tell you about the eagle that just flew past my new office window.  I know, I am a lucky girl.  Most fortunate.

2.   I am thinking... I am ready for spring.  The kind of spring when I can kneel down and tend the earth without getting completely wet.

3.   I am thankful... so thankful for my new pantry.  It is small but concise and to-the-point, just like I like it!

4.   In the kitchen... the ingredients are sitting waiting for me to make some more cookies.
5.   I am wearing... a purple LuLuLemon hoodie with a chartreuse vest and the two colours are wonderful.  Should do a room with those two colours.

6.   I am creating... a pillow cover in needlepoint.  Actually I started it a long time ago and have promised myself it will not get set aside again in favour of some new, hotter hand work.  No, I will finish this pillow.  It is going to be beautiful but it has just been here too long.

7.   I am going... to get my hair trimmed on Monday so I feel ready for our month long sojourn in the south in the month of March.

8.   I am wondering... where should I begin on my afternoon to-do list.  I always have such high expectations of what all I can do in a day.  I wake full of the dickens but by 4 or 5 in the day I have started to get the fades.  What's with that?

9.   I am reading... I have started a new book called, Unbroken, that my sister gave me for Christmas.  It promises to be a rewarding read...about a man who survived against all odds.

10. I am looking forward to... March 2 when we fly to New Orleans!!  Tah, dah!!!

11. I am learning... to run this new Abdoer machine we bought to keep me limber and flexible!  Now there is a challenge...Old Rusty here needs a lot of help!  But it does feel good to have done it first thing in the morning.  Check back with me in a few months.

12. A favourite quote for today...

"Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others." -Jacob M. Braude

13. One of my favourite things... unusual outdoor sculptures.

So now that you know all these bits about me I would say that turn-about is fair play... tell me about you.  Use the same list if you would like or make up a new one.  Tell me about your day, your life.

God bless and be well.


  1. oh, I've always wanted to go to New Orleans!!! Enjoy :-)

    1. Outside my window... No window in my office here at work, but I just did take a quick walk around and saw it looks beautiful out!

    2. I am thinking... about so many things, not the least of which is what the president of the company saw when he just sat down at my desk to take a phone call LOL!

    3. I am thankful... for the mild winter we had

    4. In the kitchen... are ingredients for tonight's dinner by Dave

    5. I am wearing... a light grey top and dark grey sparkly shoes, tho!

    6. I am creating... a life for myself

    7. I am going... to Vermont this weekend to visit with friends I haven't seen in too long!

    8. I am wondering... if I'll beat the snow storm coming in

    9. I am reading... of all things, Rob Lowe's autobiography. I'm also listening to Lisey's Story on CDs during my commute to and from work. I couldn't get through the book, and it's got to be my leave favorite King book ever.

    10. I am looking forward to... SPRING!!!

    11. I am learning... keep a relationship going, to discuss, not fight, in short, to finally be a grown up

    12. A favourite quote for today...

    "Let us leave pretty women to men without imagination."
    Marcel Proust

    13. One of my favourite things...

    1. Thank you, Janet. Love when people play along. I especially like your quote of the day! Have a great time in Vermont for the weekend. Hope you have good travelling weather. On no.12, what you speak of is difficult for us all to learn. This past week I heard a quote that said that we grow up when we realize that our lives are not going to be like we dreamt they would be when we were young. Hmmm...

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  3. I am always ready to enjoy fresh home made cookies.

    Never have taken the time to indulge in this frivolity...

    1. Outside my window... is an incredible view that I cannot see right now because it is a very dark night.

    2. I am thinking... this is a good time to do this while my sweetheart is sleeping.

    3. I am thankful... for the best wife any man could ever wish to have. To have a faithful woman who loves you is the most wonderful thing in the world.

    4. In the kitchen... is a fresh loaf of Alpine whole wheat bread begging to be eaten.

    5. I am wearing... a cozy white bath robe.

    6. I am creating... a new studio where many new creations can hardly wait to come to life.

    7. I am going... on a Caribbean cruise with my sweetheart and a some friends in a few weeks. Really looking forward to a great vacation.

    8. I am wondering... how am I going to satisfy the building code for the dormer loft modification. When the building inspector saw it this past week he told me I had to get him some paperwork on the change of plans. I just learned we cannot have a ladder only access to a living space loft, but some kind of conventional stairs. That takes the fun out of it for the grand kids. Ladder is OK for storage only... but full height and wall plugs... that is living space by his definition.

    9. I am reading... "Cold, Hard Truth", by Kevin O'Leary

    10. I am looking forward to... some good golf games and pickleball with my buddy Lorne in Tucson in March.

    11. I am learning... how to become a successful trader. I have a new coach and really enjoy the discipline he is teaching me.

    12. My favorite quote for today... "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." -Proverbs 3: 5, 6

    13. One of my favorite things... is hearing from my kids, reading their comments on my blog always makes my day.

    There you go... I did it!

    Wishing you a great weekend and a Happy Sabbath.

    1. this playing along. Thank you for your responses. This is good. The building inspector will be happy with what we come up with...we are very resourceful people with good imaginations and we will make him delightfully surprised.