Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simply Sabbath

Sometimes a person has to make a few sacrifices to get a new desired look.  To make use of these pretty capital letters I had to get rid of the dark background which I do/did like.  I found this really not a sacrifice because I love the crisp, clean look of this white background.  So welcome to the new and improved version of my life.

It seems that all my reading, lately, points me to the need for making definite plans if I want to achieve what I think important.

So, today I decided I have to take the bull by the teeth and manage my health/body more adequately. Hence a lovely walk with husband.  It helped that the rain seems to have let up some.

As you can see the skies are finally breaking up enough to let some blue show through.

Don't you love the cheerful trim on this house?

And of course we had to stop and chat with our sweet little friends.  Must remember to take carrots and/or apples along when I walk down Merryman Road.  These two come ambling up to the fence right away, sniffing and so disappointed when they only smell 'us'.

Love the colour of his harness with the green of the field behind...makes me think that colour would be a great accent in my office and bedroom.  Speaking of colour, we have picked a new colour for the studio which will spill down the stairs into the main part of the house.  Stay tuned for updates on that.  'New Colour' goes beautifully with the greens we have already here that we love.

These two were only interested in complaining to us about the rain so we moved on and left them to their noise.

And then we came home on time for a beautiful end to the day.

"Softly the evening came
with the sunset."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I do hope you had a lovely day and are ready to take on a whole new week full of possibilities.
God bless and be well.


  1. I love your new look!
    White background is clean, fresh and YOU!

    I love the photo capture of the clouds breaking up and a bit of blue sky. Too bad it only lasted a minute today, but tomorrow we are hoping for all day blue skies... and some more windows going in.

    That colour that you think is going to spill down the stairs from our new studio is already chosen. Remember that it will be channel cedar siding painted with our new Flood shingle grey like all the rest of the house will be.

    1. Not to worry, dear, about the stairwell...that will be our new Cape Cod Grey, I know that...but the new colour will spill all over our existing LVGRM/Kitchen once we are done upstairs...just brightening up the existing house!