Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simply Sabbath

Sabbath came and Sabbath went . . . way too quickly.  But I was most thankful for quiet peaceful rest today. This past week I packed up and moved a lot of 'stuff' into boxes to be eventually used upstairs in our new studio.  So I was ready for the rest.

Sabbath means different things to different people but for me today I thought of that old hymn:

O, day of rest and gladness,
O, day of joy and light,
O balm of care and sadness,
Most beautiful and bright. . .

If you continue in the song you will come upon the words:

A day of sweet reflection
Thou art, a day of love,
A day to raise affection
From earth to things above. . .

In times past I remember how hard we worked some Sabbaths.  There was little time for quiet reflection or rest or gladness.  Now I am so thankful I have time for all of that.

How did your Sabbath go?  Tell me, what does this day mean to you?

Wishing you all a beautiful new week, wherever you are.

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