Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Memory in the Middle of the Week . . .

The bridge from my cello is sitting on my desk now . . .

Recently I was told that if I wasn't playing my cello often the strings needed to be released.  You release the strings and voila!, you have a bridge in your hands.

Love this cello...and the memories attached to it are very sweet...I think I need to re-string and practice!

Maybe in honour of the return-to-school fever I am hearing about, I will do just that!

Even though your life may be eons away from the rhythm of school days, what do you do to honour the return to the little old school house?


  1. Just the image "little old schoolhouse" is nostalgic... But for me, indulging in some of the school supplies always brings back good memories... a blank journal, some good pens. Ah!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my post on a summer evening.

      This morning I walked down to the gate to open it for Sherwin, hurrying off to his kayak appointment, and I felt the first hint of September that I remember so well from being a kid. On the first day of school I was usually wearing a dress and I remember that cool feel on my legs as I walked the few blocks to school. The crispness, the clean, blue air feeling...loved it.