Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Already?

It was a very quick week...every day was chock-a-block full of activity here.  Now that we are back in our bedroom and more settled into our house again, I have been trying to divide my days up between gardens, renovations, house.  And the hours just roar past...

Sherwin spent many hours this week working on the highest peek on the house, finishing the window trim and siding on the clerestory window wall.  It was somewhat stressful for him hanging on by his toenails while he got the job completed.  

One afternoon, wanting a change of pace, he started on an anniversary gift for me, which you see below, finished and mounted in our closet...

Isn't that a lovely gift?  Now my scarves handily hang waiting to be worn.  We had looked at some ideas online for custom closets but this is by far the best idea of any I saw.

While out tending one garden or another I came across a couple frogs trying to 'fit in'.  Here is a photo of the frogs, Lucy.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Back onto the roof, he used ropes to make his job as stable as possible.

And back in the garden I found my dahlias blooming like mad, wanting my attention.  I picked a bouquet tonight for Sabbath.  So thankful for the flowers that continue to bloom around here even though they have all been rather neglected this year.

Just before the sun set tonight Sherwin went out to give a final touch up to his work.  It does not look like a particularly large spot but it was fiddly, picky work and he took great care as usual.

Well, those are just brief moments of our week.  How was yours?  Thank you all for stopping by to look.

Have a lovely Sabbath.
God bless and be well.


  1. I had fun designing and building the scarf rack for Shirley out of some left over pieces. A cut off maple board from making the closet shelves made the base.... and i cut up some short closet rod dowels from our old closet, which I glued and screwed in place.

    The only thing I purchased just to do this job was a can of spray lacquer for the final finishing... which is much better than trying to fiddle with applying it with a paint brush.

  2. the place is looking pretty darn good.. can't wait to come see in person.