Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Day Holiday!

We are delighted to have real summer weather right now so thought we should make the most of it and start celebrating our 46th early with a trip to Big Town.

So...if you want to go to town you get on a ferry.

Thought this was made for me...

Church was our first stop of the day, followed by lunch and then we were off to Butchart Gardens.  Very nice to have a year-pass so we can go when we have the whim.

At the entrance gate we saw these most unusual plants...

We always stop at the begonia house...fabulous blooms as usual.

And of course, as you come around the corner on the path, voila!  This is a most usual view of the Gardens...most everybody has seen this photo on some advertisement, somewhere.

I prefer the close-up and personal views of the minute detail you see on every hand.

A trip to the Gardens would not be complete without a stop at The Rose Carousel.  And Sherwin figures this is my favourite horse there...I say, of course, it is the horse of King Arthur!

Since we live in the same climate as Butchart we like to look for new ideas all the time.  If they grow it, there is no reason I cannot grow the same plant in my gardens.

Since my dahlias are blooming like mad here at home I knew we would see their dahlia gardens at their best and sure enough...

It was difficult to pick my favourite...I just looked for the best photo.

And of course, I am very partial to the 'right' pink.

Everywhere we looked we were overwhelmed with the beauty.

It was fun to try to capture the beauty in my camera.

Everything looked quite lovely yesterday.

A good time was had by all!

We took turns calling out to each other...see this, see that!!

Within a couple hours we were at the exit to the main gardens...

where we said good-bye for yet another time...what a blessing.

I know I am most fortunate to have a husband who loves these flower tours as much as I.  Happy Anniversary, husband-of-mine!


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by...wishing you all well.

  2. Lovely. Glad you got to do this. Happy anniversary to you two. xo

  3. I enjoy celebrating our anniversary for as long as we can make it last. Start early and carry on as long as you can get away with it!

    The great joy of visiting 'the gardens' is the endless photo opportunities. And we both want to get as many good shots as we can. It was a delightful visit.

  4. You have some very splendid pictures there! Glad you guys got a chance to enjoy the gardens together!