Sunday, January 20, 2013

Road Trippin' . . .

We knew we had to make a trip home to Canada maintaining the idea that we would fly, bring our little car back and take the pick-up out in April when we head home for the summer. As the time to depart approached we decided we would take the truck out now and then decide what we needed to do in April when the time came.

We do love road trips, probably more in theory than in reality but we had a great time and saw lovely country and friends and family on the way.

Isn't it great that we both love the desert?  We like the peacefulness and yet ruggedness of our surroundings in AZ and enjoyed our first day out through miles and miles of cactus, sagebrush and sand.

We are very partial to the stately saguaro and Sherwin stopped so I could take one more photo before we left them behind.  First night we stayed with friends, Werner and Geri Seidel in Salome, AZ.  We have no shortage of good conversations and good times with these folks.

Day two found us heading out over the high desert trying to avoid the traffic and bustle of I-10 through Southern California.  We only got sort of lost once but I was delighted to find this sign on the road.  We stopped and I asked a local where we were and how we could get back on track.  He laughed and told me I was really in the middle of Nowhere as he took my map and showed me the way out!

We were thrilled with the miles and miles of wind machines/turbines that made such an impressive photo against the sky and hills.  We were in California now and I marvelled at the beauty and resources of that state.  I find it very sad that a state that has such potential should be so poor, struggling to stay afloat financially.

Even in the middle of winter there was so much beauty around in the shapes, patterns and colours all around us.

The abundance was everywhere . . .

Heading north on I-5 we enjoyed the late afternoon sun on the green hills as we drove towards Sacramento.  Night two found us with sister Dolores and her husband, Merritt.  He has been busy building on his decks (familiar subject to us) so we took some time to admire his lovely handiwork next morning in the light of day.

Wednesday morning as we travelled north we passed the lovely Shasta . . .

and spent the evening with sister Sheila May and David in Roseburg that night.  We were happy to be part of the birthday celebration for Mark's 41st with him and his boys.

Thursday morning found us wandering up the road, through the fog, to Seattle and our children Kim, Maizy and Lucy with of course sweet Beatrice and handsome Dante.

Here Bea and Dante wait patiently for Kim to return from taking one of the girls out to school Friday morning.

It felt so good to be there and even though we missed Shelby this time through, the girls showed us a fine time.

In the morning we took a tour down to the chickens to see how they were faring...they are such gorgeous birds...

They completely ignored me simply running to the food poured out for them.  They are a handsome lot, aren't they?

Particularly love the positive reinforcement Kim gives them with signs like this around the pen ..."Now chickens, look up, with such great encouragement and care you get, you better be producing for your mistress of the manor!!!"

The next day was spectacularly sunny once we climbed out of the lower mainland and started over the Coquihalla to see Mother and Bobbi in Kelowna.

We have all been concerned about Mother's health but when we stopped in to see her as we came into town she was bright and cheery and there wasn't a cough to be heard.  Bobbi works diligently with the doctors and nurses to keep Mother humming along!  For which we are all thankful.

We are very thankful for a great week and safe travels.  Thanks be to God for His goodness to us all.

Tell me, what happened in your world this week that makes you grateful?


  1. No one was happier than me to see Shirley's mother humming along so cheerfully. It seems like a huge improvement happened in the two days preceding our arrival.

  2. Love the pictures, especially the two with the hills. I'll be checking the progress on the decking tomorrow afternoon.

    I'm thankful for the time time I was able to spend with family at the beach this last weekend. Great weather, family, friends, and food. Mmm... :-)