Sunday, February 3, 2013

Football by a Novice . . .

Not really being a fan of football, I usually go around with my ears shut off during most games but this past week, in preparation for Today I listened to sports people, etc. give their views and insights of the game to come.

The one great thing I have come away with...and the game is just the story behind the name for the Baltimore Ravens.

Well, it seems that Mr. Edgar Allan Poe lived for some time in Baltimore and died there is 1845.  We all remember his rather dark poetry from high school English.

One of his most famous poems is The Raven.  Hence, the name of the football team.  I wonder how many of those players actually are familiar with the poem...

I am inviting you to listen to the poem narrated by Christopher Walken.  He gives a good rendition!

Enjoy!  Oh yes, for the fans, have a great day!  Wishing you all well.

1 comment:

  1. Now that is a POEM!

    I love it. Very fun piece of work. good rhythm and rhyme.

    And those Ravens would not go away last night either...

    And their shadow once again is streaming in the open door... evermore!