Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thirteen Photos to Mark the Week . . .

This blog is just to give you a brief overview of our first week away from 'home'.

In the month we had been on the island we had one day that was sunny and warm.  Don't get me wrong, it never was Cold but it rained and it drizzled and it pouted most every day.  It didn't help that we were both under the weather... soon as we felt better we headed out for points south!

We wended our way through Active Pass through mists and drips...

...but as I walked around to the front of the ship I saw Light ahead!!!!!  Tah! Dah!

When we landed we were greeted with pleasant sun and light clouds which made our driving through the day to arrive at our Day One Destination in Eastern Washington, much easier.

We were close on the heels of Valentine's Day so enjoyed the benefits of the flowers of the Day.

Day Two was spent in a restful Sabbath mode and as that day ended the view from the back of the house was spectacular...

...but going around to the front of the house I was amazed at the beautiful sky to mark the end of the day from that perspective.

Day Three was spent driving through Oregon, Idaho and well into Utah and the skies were totally spectacular.  The habit of keeping my camera by my side pays great dividends.  And as night fell I looked out of the moon roof and what did I see?

Not particularly glorious but reassuringly there.

On the morning of Day Four we left our motel at -9 degrees C translating to about 15 degrees F.  It was somewhat chilly, not damp chilly though so it was easy to get on the road and head out.  We had our sights on warmer climes.

As you leave Utah on I-15 you drive for a short while through Arizona before you hit Nevada for some miles through Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.  Then you see these signs a second time. Love the graphics.

We saw our first palm trees of this trip as we drove into the north end of Las Vegas.  When we were young and foolish we used to think Las Vegas was a fun place to leave some cash...but of course we were sure we could beat the odds.  Older and greyer won the day so we just drove on through.

When we see these hills we know we are close to Tucson...

...and if you saw my blog yesterday you will know that since we have arrived back we have had 70 degree weather and then a day of driving snow, coming back this morning with sunshine that has made the snow all disappear.

So there went our first week, very quickly, I may add.

We were happy to have a very uneventful trip with dry roads all the way.

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  1. Great shots. The one with the house by the lake in the fog is spectacular.

    1. Yes, thanks, I am thinking that would make a great watercolour! Thanks for stopping by even though I was so late posting.

  2. The mountains break my heart, they're so beautiful! And I always enjoy snow - unless I have to drive in it. LOL!


    1. Yes, and I saw your snowy photo in Italy...who would have thought but then you do border Switzerland. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love the foggy picture of Active Pass and the lighting in the spectacular view from the back of the house. You take some really fantastic pictures.

    1. Thanks, Alice. My summer home in Canada offers endless photo opportunities.

  4. It is a joy to see you loving to take photos... and getting such amazing shots.

    Those shots of the hills... one with sun setting and the other with show are my favorites.

    1. Well, I have you to thank for good equipment and lots of encouragement.

  5. What great views you have! I especially like the 2nd,3rd, 5th, and the 9th. The second one really looks perfect for imagining a tale of mystery. Love it!

  6. Blue skies and palm trees! I think I would have stopped there for a week!