Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just For The Joy Of It . . . Part 2

There is much joy to be gained by admiring and enjoying other people's crafts/talents/handwork.  So on January 11 Gail Booth and I went to a quilt show in Tucson. There were a lot of quilts displayed ...didn't count...and my book on the exhibit is safely tucked away in my home down there, but I will share 13 of the best (according to me) with you today to give you a hint of what we saw.

A great number of quilts came with a definite American patriotic theme... fact there was one pattern that we saw done with different colours at least 3 times in the show.

Rather charming.

Very patriotic!  Almost stand-at-attention patriotic!

Here is another Americana theme pattern.

This next one actually doesn't look as good in the photo as it did face to face.  The yellow colour was so bright, so sunny, it caught my eye.

Even though I may not desire to replicate many of these designs I found myself especially enamoured with the hand quilting on some...the workmanship was great.  I love the scalloped edges on some of the quilts.

The quilts that got the Drama Queen Prize from me were the ones with bright colours and great contrast.

Loved the bee theme in that last one too!

Here is another bright one...

We saw a number of quilts, done very free form, no traditional pattern to them, finished with items you never would have seen on Grandma's old quilts back on the farm.  This next one has actual corn kernels used on the donkey's blanket and in the mouth of the bird.  The donkey hair on his head and back is yarn added to give texture.  Notice the turquoise cactus on the upper right hand side...that is a ceramic brooch.  This is only a small wall hanging but there was care taken to add interest and texture to the project.

Did you see the little kitten peeking out of the century plant on the right?

This next one was delightful...children's out-grown clothes used and then old buttons and what-nots added to give some interest.

And here is a close-up of some of the texture.

If I remember correctly, the next quilt got a prize for colour, layout, workmanship...great colours.  I am only giving you a close-up of one section but you can see for yourself, the work was extraordinary.

This next wall hanging comes to mind even after nearly a month since we were at the show.  It is a small wall hanging but the subject and execution of it gave a message that if you think of it you can quilt it!  The subject is covering the tsunami in Japan...very well done. Notice the city towers of Japan and Mt. Fugi in the background.  The chrysanthemum is weeping in the upper right corner.

Last but definitely not least, I will show you the quilt that stole the show...and again you may not see it because you couldn't put your nose up close to see the details in this work.

Considering that we were at a quilt show in Tucson, it is very understandable that this subject matter would appeal to the judges but there was more to it than that.

If you look carefully at the stitching done on the background you will see the subject matter of the quilt theme over and over there.  On some areas of the quilt you will see a variety of cactus and birds stitched in besides these horses and words.

It was all very nicely done and a joy to see.  Oh, by the way, you may have guessed that my word for this week has been 'Joy'.

Take some time to not only gather in the joy around you but throw some out to the people you meet in your day.

God bless and above all, be well.

There are a number of other people who post Thirteen on Thursdays...if you are interested to see their work click here.


  1. What beautiful quilts. What a gift to be able to sew them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lot of time and work went into creating those. My favorite is the third one down. Must get Alice over here to see this. *g*

  3. Well, I've told you while we skyped which my favorites were, but I couldn't resist still commenting that I love quilt shows too. They bring me joy! :)