Saturday, March 9, 2013

Intro to Pickleball 101

Since we arrived in Tucson last November, Sherwin has been playing pickleball most weekdays...only if it is cold, raining or snowing do they not play.  He loves the game and is always looking for someone to stretch his skills.

This past week Sherwin had the opportunity to compete in his first tournament which was held at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ.

Early Thursday morning we headed out so we would be at Palm Creek before 8 am for the first round for Sherwin and John Apgar, his partner.

We hadn't realized how far it would be so when we arrived Sherwin jumped out to go register while I parked the car and brought in the water bottles and the all-important camera.

In no time at all the boys were ready for Match One!

Sherwin always gives his full heart to whatever he tackles...

If you knew Sherwin's Dad, you would see FA in that side shot!

Let the games begin!!  (May the odds be ever in your favour, Sherwin!!)

These are the first set of opponents for the fellow from Oregon and the other from Ontario, Canada.

This was also a good experience for me where I could watch an entire game and learn about scoring and a bystander.

It was fun to watch to great shots...

And the action of my favourite player!

The photo above shows our guys against their second set of opponents...both from Minneapolis.  I thought the second set were pretty old guys and our fellows would whoop them but alas and was not to be.  These old guys kept Sherwin and John running and the old guys did the whooping!

The highlight of the day turned out to be the opportunity for Sherwin to meet Mark Friedenberg, the author of this book.

Mark was gracious about having his photo taken with Sherwin and was happy to sign the book.

Take note of the inscription...Sherwin's dream is to be a champion...thinks it will be the best $10.00 he ever spent if that actually happens!!!

Before we left we watched Mark and his partner play a match.  15-8 for Mark's team...he does know what he is talking about!

We were both very impressed with Palm Creek.  It is a well laid out RV and mobile home park with a beautiful golf course running through the middle.  The community is large...and 350 of their residents belong to the pickleball club.  We were told that over 50% of them are from Canada!  They did sing the Canadian national anthem before the American.

This community has devoted space for 24 pickleball courts with plans for expansion.  These people are truly into pickleball.  Some of the champions spend up to 6 hours a day playing and practicing the game.  And for these games champions came from all over the USA.  It was amazing to see.

They have a few sunken courts where I could get a good shot but in retrospect I wish I had shot a small video for you so you could have heard all the pickleballs being hit back and forth during a match.  It had a distinctive sound.

Sherwin was disappointed in his games but it was good practice and he will return, I am sure.

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  1. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. I love about the Canadian anthem being sung first. And your shots really capture the day.