Friday, March 15, 2013

String Theory?

Last month I took an online writing class and one of the 'prompts' from the teacher said:

"String theory:  What the hell is it?  I'm hoping you don't know much more than I do (and I know very little).  I want you to explain what string theory is.  Except you must do it without -- and this is important -- looking it up.  Make up what you want it to be.  This can be in any format you choose.  Poem, essay, narrative, fifth-grade book report, whatever.

If you know all about string theory, then write about transubstantiation.  If you're well versed in both topics, you are beyond hope."

String Theory:  A Poem

The last time
string caught my eye
was on a chicken
roasted to perfection
to hold the bird tightly
Can't have a bird falling apart
under duress,
you know.

My theory is
I need some string
when I'm feeling stress
to hold me tight
to hold me together
to hold me
to calm me.

My theory is
the world needs some string
to hold it together.
That would be
one mighty ball of string.

Bigger than any I have seen.
Stronger than,
mightier than,
Now what/Who
could do that?

The assignment each day was to write for 15 minutes, put down your pen and walk away.  No editing, no changing...just do the 'prompt'.

Well, after finishing that I had to google up 'string theory'.   I was surprised and delighted to find this TED talk on YouTube.  Please, please take the few minutes to watch and listen.  It is astounding and delightful.

For me this was a thoughtful, well-presented explanation.  Absolutely beautiful!

Have a lovely day.
God bless and be well.


  1. I haven't watched the TED talk yet, but wanted to say I really like your poem. :)

    1. Oh, please do watch the TED talk...he is very good and also entertaining. The marvellous thing is the is so beautiful...

    2. Thanks for the the gold star on the poem...

  2. Just getting to some of my older mails and saw this. Yes, I like your string theory better than Mr. Greene's.

    1. Thanks, son, for getting me into that writing class. And thank you for taking a look at what I do. You are a busy man and I know your minutes are counted every day.