Sunday, May 19, 2013

Absolutely Amazing . . .

You cannot imagine my surprise when I read a comment, on my most recent blog,  from Lisa over at Diary of a Square Toothed Girl.   (Pop over to her blog and read.  Very inspiring.)  She has listed me as a recipient of the Sunshine Award for my blog!

Thank you so much, are most encouraging.

The rules of this award were as follows:
You have to post the picture of the Sunshine Award on your blog.  Done!
You have to answer 10 random things about yourself.  Harder than you think...
You have to nominate 10 other bloggers to receive this award and then you have to link to their blogs to let them know they have received it.  My privilege...

Here are 10 random facts about me that you may not know...

*  I think I have the most interesting dreams.  My dreams are in colour, the stories are vivid and sometimes quite scary.  I have been known to have laughed in my dreams so hard that I wake myself up and I have to wake fully before I can quit laughing...

*  Speaking of dreams...I have had the delight of having a recurring dream of a is the most wonderful house full of twists and turns inside and out and secret passages with lots of is always very sad for the dream to end because I love this house.  I have dreamt this maybe half a dozen times in my life.

*  My favourite current ad on TV is the new Omega cool.

*  This year my favourite colours are a sharp green and a dusky purple.  I am known to change my mind on colours on a whim.

*  The country I would most like to visit is India.

*  Opera is the music of choice for cleaning house.

*  Christmas is my favourite holiday but Easter gives meaning to the significance of both.

*  When I cannot sleep at night I used to plan flower gardens in my I imagine weeding flower beds and that puts me right back to sleep.

*  My favourite flowers are all the big, full-blown blooms.  Peonies, roses, double blossoms on most any flower really.  Actually I have a great weakness for flowers.

*  I tend to freak out when I find myself working around a messy project area.  I simply cannot move forward until I have the mess cleaned up enough to be able to function.

And now for 10 blogs...

Rachel at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
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Brent at Blogan
Terrill at Creativepotager
Julie at Balzer Designs
Rachel at All I Did Was Listen
The Painting Gardener

These are all blogs I have enjoyed over time...they all inspire me and bring me joy!  Looking forward to see what you all have in the future.

Enjoy the read and be well!


  1. Ha! Thanks for the award. My blog will wear it proudly. :-)

    Looks like I have a post to write...

  2. Oh boy, I didn't know I was getting the Sunshine Award! How fun and awesome. Now that I'm home I will apply myself to coming up with 10 random facts... I will even try to surprise YOU!